The People

Laura and Evan -

Owners and founders of TOP. Before they knew each other they lead lives as a cowboy(her) and brick/stoneworker(him). They met working at a coffee shop in Maine, pursued a casual friendship for years that made many a partner irrationally jealous before both finding themselves single and promptly becoming married. They worked as servers and bartenders until the Coronavirus hit and shut everything down. In the kind of spur of the moment decision making that has defined their relationship decided to drop all of their savings into a chunk of land in the middle of nowhere and try to create a home. Passions include permaculture, music, civil rights(read, not being shitty), horses(her), architecture(him), water harvesting, environmentalism, ‘mixology’, wine, dank food, and long walks under the blazing desert sun.


Visiting artist? Sibling? Just using this as an excuse to try to come to a better understanding of themselves as a person and an artist? Before this they spent their time as a small time trucker in southern Maine. With no interest in that other than the money that comes with working, they are jumping on the opportunity to spend some time in the desert with family to figure out what they want to do with their life, see the sights, and try out a different kind of lifestyle.